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The primary members of the Society are those who hold consultant membership. There are various levels of consultant membership - Professional, Senior Associate, Associate (all new members must enter at the Associate level), and Emeritus.  A consultant's membership level is based upon the individual’s experience and type of employment.

All active consultant members are required to abide by the FCSI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as well as the FCSI Continuing Professional Growth program to maintain their membership.

Food facility designers who work for an equipment dealer or who in any way are involved in the supply side of the industry are not eligible for consultant membership.


Each level of consultant membership and application details are listed detailed below. If you have questions concerning membership dues, the application process, benefits of membership or any other query, please contact FCSI The Americas headquarters at 309-808-2165 or [email protected].


All new members of FCSI The Americas must enter at the Associate level and can upgrade to Senior Associate and enter into the Professional Membership Process at any time assuming they meet the requirements. The Associate Membership level consists of junior members of a consulting firm and/or emerging professionals in the early stages of their consulting careers. Associate membership could also include an employee of an independent consultant who does not have full project management responsibility, i.e., CAD operators, equipment specifiers, research assistants, systems analysts, concept development specialists, etc.

Food facility designers who work for an equipment dealer or who in any way are involved in the supply side of the industry are not eligible for consulant membership.


An Associate member who has decided to Pursue Professional Membership must first apply as a Senior Associate. Senior Associate members must be active consultants who have at least 3 years of foodservice industry experience including 2 years of total project management experience as a foodservice/hospitality consultant.

In order to become a Senior Associate, the applicant must request an application for Senior Associate by contacting Penny Price, Director of Member Services.


Individuals who have established themselves as a practicing independent consultant to the foodservice/hospitality industry and demonstrating the full range of competencies described by the FCSI Council for Professional Standards and approved by the FCSI Board of Directors. The ultimate goal is for all eligible consultants to reach and retain Professional Member status as long as they are actively engaged in foodservice consulting.

Members who wish to pursue Professional Membership and earn the FCSI designation should contact Penny Price, Director of Member Services.


FCSI Professional Members who are fully retired from active practice and are no longer involved, in any way, in the sale or delivery of projects through their personal intervention may choose to move to Emeritus status. An Emeritus Member may not solicit business, produce deliverables or in any way participate in the active pursuit of commissions for himself/herself or any consulting firm.

Professional members interested in moving to Emeritus status, please email Penny Price, Director of Member Services.

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